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Paintings by Lubiana Cernobori

Now through April 30
Peninsula Ballet Theatre
1880 South Grant Street in San Mateo

About the Artist:

Lubiana Cernobori was born in Italy and came to the United States at the age of eight. As a child, she loved art and the beauty of her homeland has remained vividly with her throughout her life. Of course, raising a family and life's career responsibilities kept her from pursuing her early dream to the extent that she wished. At last, upon retirement, she was able to throw herself fully into her
long abandoned pursuit of painting. At first, she attended classes at college and then with a professional
studio painter.


And, at long last, she is able to paint the exquisite memories of her childhood home with a passion too long denied. She paints in oils on canvas and wood and especially enjoys landscape, still life and portraiture.
Her style is realism; she loves to capture the world as it is.

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