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Eating Alone
an exhibition of Jeannette Ferrary's
food-obsessed street photography

Now through March 15
Peninsula Ballet Theatre
1880 South Grant Street in San Mateo

Hors d'oeuvres and wine reception
on January 28, 6:00-8:00pm



Artist's Statement :

Who eats alone? Do you know anyone who eats alone?
Do you know anyone who doesn't?

When you eat alone, how do you feel? When was the last time you found yourself eating alone? Where were you? Were you aware of other people? Did you feel self-conscious? Were you doing someting else while you were eating? Reading? Checking your e-mail? Talking on
the phone? Writing a letter?

When I started to photograph people eating alone, I realized I would never be at a loss for subjects. People seem to be eating everywhere, on park benches and village greens; in sidewalk cafes and restaurants, of course; but also on the curb, on the bus, in farmers' markets and supermarkets, at their desks, as they walked down the street. When I photograph, I never speak to anyone or ask permission.
I feel that, if they are aware of being photographed, it may change the mood, destroy the moment. The story is in what they might be thinking, about how they relate to their surroundings, how comfortable they look, what else they're doing while eating, their awareness of my presence. I used to assume this was an American phenomenon, possibly because we're such a car culture. Driving alone seems almost a natural precursor to a grab-and-go meal



But as these images testify, this modern-day dining habit may possibly be universal. In fact, as you look at each one,
you migh be interested in speculating on their location.
Do Parisian solitary eaters have a different style from New Yorkers? From Londoners? Can you identify the city?
state? country?


About the Exhibit and Artist:

Writer/photographer Jeannette Ferrary's exhibit,
"Eating Alone", is a happy melding of her two obsessions of food and photography. Although, not long ago, it would have been unusual to see people eating alone in public or even in restaurants, now it has become commonplace. These images from San Francisco to New York, Paris to London, lend themselves to speculation on peoples' thoughts, stories and feelings during their solitary meals. Previous exhibits of Ferrary's street phtography include Ya talkin' ta me? photographs from the sidewalks of New York at the City Museum of New York, and Flowers in Our Hair: The Streets of San Francisco at the Grape in the Fog Gallery in Pacifica and the San Mateo Library Gallery.

Learn more about Jeannette Ferrary and her work at



A Poetry Reading
by Peter Neil Carroll & Charlotte Muse

Sunday, February 21, 2:00-4:00pm
Fiero Caffe
106 South El Camino Real in San Mateo

Purchase one of Fiero Caffe's delicious beverages while enjoying poetry!
Street parking available
and public parking lot at 2nd Avenue and El Camino Real


Peter Neil Carroll has published three collections of poetry, most recently Poems for a Wounded Land (Turning Point, 2015) and A Child Turns Back to Wave: Poetry of Lost Places (Press Americana, 2012) which won the Prize Americana from the Institute for Popular Culture. His poems have appeared recently in Catamaran Literary Review, Southern Humanities Review, The Aurorean (nominated for a Pushcart), Cultural Weekly, and Sand Hill Review. He lives in Belmont, California, with the photographer-writer Jeannette Ferrary.

Charlotte Muse's most recent books include Violin (Blurb Books, 2013), a series of poems illustrated by the artist Joyce Savre, and A Story Also Grows (a Main Street Rag Editor's Selection. A handmade letterpess edition by the Chester Creek Press is in both the Smithsonian and the Library of Congress rare book collections). Awards include the Allen Ginsburg Award, the Elinor Benedict Poetry Prize, the Yeats Society of New York's Poetry Award, two Atlanta Review International Publication Awards, and prizes in the Joy Harjo Poetry Award contest, the Foley Prize, and Ireland's Feile Filiochta, among others. Her work has appeared in magazines and anthologies including Room to Breathe (Heyday Books), A Bird Black As The Sun (Green Poet Press), and The Place That Inhabits Us (Sixteen Rivers Press). She lives in Menlo Park.



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