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Mystery and Motion: A Photography Exhibit
by Bill Jackson

August 25 through October 26
Peninsula Ballet Theatre
1880 South Grant Street in San Mateo



Artist's Statement:

Some people have described these images as dreams in print. 
I can see that. The out of focus look. High grain. The blur of motion. I did not set out to create dreamlinke images, it just turned out that way. My intent was to slow down my camera's shutter speed, go out on the streets, mostly at night, and see what images I could create. No more thinking than that. In fact,
I consciously tried to not think my way to the images but to just "let them happen". To disengage my brain and draw as directly
as I could from my own inner artistic core. Unfiltered. Conditioning and filtering is something we all do a lot of,
instead of just letting it flow. This is a good approach with
many things in life, but it gets in the way of creating our
own art.

As it often is with dreams, each of the images in this exhibit creates an opportunity for you to create a story, your own interpretation, of what is going on in that image. Which, for me,
is one of the great ways of enjoying art: to look at a piece of
art, and have it raise more questions (interpretations), than it answers. If you would like to share your interpretation of any
of these images with me, I would love to hear it.




About the Artist:

Bill Jackson was born on the East coast of the United States and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in his early 20s. He was drawn to San Francisco's accepting attitude and artistic community, and has lived in the Bay Area ever since.

Bill has exhibited his work on both the West and East coasts of the United States. He has had nine solo shows. His work has been in numerous juried exhibits and has received first place awards in many photography competitions. His work has appeared in Black & White magazine and three published books of photography. Bill is a member of Lightworks Ltd., an informal group of photographers that meet monthly to share and discuss their own and each other's work. His artwork is represented by Paolo Mejia Gallery in San Francisco. Click here to view Bill's profile (below Paolo Mejia logo).

Bill Jackson thoroughly enjoys the process of creating images and sees a part of himself in each completed work. His current work is about mystery and emotion. People tell him his photography is like looking at dreams.




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