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in the City Arts of San Mateo Gallery

November 2014 through January 10, 2015
Peninsula Ballet Theatre
1880 South Grant Street in San Mateo

Works of four artists on display:

Gail Mintz:
Gail Mintz initially combined her loves of photography, adventure and travel by – shooting and printing pictures from around the worlds. However, after she retired and began taking art classes, she discovered that the canvas was another creative way to express herself. Her paintings of animals, people and scenery keep alive the recorded or mental images taken from visits to over 55 countries. Her more abstract works reflect the varied colors and moods of the continents.

Brenda Bennett:
Brenda Bennett paints expressive, narrative, lively and
colorful works. She received her BA from Norwich
University in Art.

Stuart Givot:
Stuart Givot is a San Mateo based artist working
in watercolor, graphite and pen and ink. His
work is representational and eclectic featuring landscapes, steam locomotives, cityscapes, boats and seascapes. His work has appeared in the F&W publications Splash12 and Splash 14, and
Strokes of Genius 4 and 5 as well as the 20 year
Splash retrospective.

Lury Norris:
Artist and teacher, Lury Norris has been teaching drawing for a number of years and doing pastel street paintings for about 5 years.

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