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Artwork by Mark Vantress

Now through July 15
Peninsula Ballet Theatre
1880 South Grant Street in San Mateo


Leap, Acrylic on Canvas, 48"h x 24"w

About the Artist:

While studying Psychology at the University of California, San Diego, Mark Vantress fell in love - with painting. Having always been moved by art and influenced by such greats as Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollack and Pablo Picasso, to name just a few, Mark recalls the exact moment when he decided to become an artist while attending an art show located on a bluff overlooking the ocean in La Jolla. He had visions of creating art that would evoke a deep, visceral response in others to remind them that we are all one of a collective conscious. Mark brought his visions to life and, today, is proud to share his Abstract Expressionism with the world.

Mark is a self-taught artist, having begun with water-based paints then onto acrylics and oils. When you view his art and see the vivid colors - paintings made of several layers of drips and drops which take months to complete - you would find it hard to believe that this incredibly talented individual is color blind. Because of this, Mark mixes his own colors and focuses on textures which he then transfers onto his canvas to most accurately reflect what is in his mind and express what he is feeling. His patient technique of placing a canvas on the floor, applying the paint with palette knives and dripping custom mixed colors from a bottle then flicking paint off the palette knife, allows him to bring to life a focused thought, emotion or idea. Often, the images emerge on their own indirectly whil Mark is immersed in the feeling and movement of the paint.


Though his work mostly reflects that of a man with a serious, contemplative nature, you will sometimes find whimsical touches that give us just a glimpse of Mark's lighthearted, humorous side. Mark transfers his feelings of warmth and compassion along with the sparks of inspiration through his works. Most evident is the virtue of patience and deliberate evolvement in Mark's paintings, as each layer takes days to dry before the next - and the next, and the next - layer is created. Mark wants his art to represent possibilities, whether lofty and ambitious goals as conveyed in Leap or the search for comfort through quiet, contemplative reflection as conveyed in Blue Pools. He invites you to open your heart, mind and soul to join him on a unique visual journey of the senses, as each painting was created with its own authentic personality.

Mark resides in Los Gatos, California, with his wife and two daughters. His paintings have sold at the Fillmore Jazz Festival in San Francisco, through multiple private commissions and he has donated proceeds from sales at various fundraising events including Berkeley's YEAH! Community, Oakland's Urhuru Furntiure, 2nd Chance Rescue Animal Adoption and Lycee Francais de San Francisco.


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