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Downtown Jazz Mural

Ongoing Achievements

  • Curator of City Arts Gallery at Peninsula Ballet Theater

  • High School Arts Recoginition Program

  • Poetry Readings


San Mateo County Historical Society
San Mateo Chamber of Commerce
San Mateo Parks and Recreation
Civic Arts Committee
Downtown San Mateo Association
San Mateo Library
Peninsula Arts Council
CA Downtown Association
CA Association for Local Economic Development

City Arts of San Mateo Accomplishments

  • The first project of the organization was to research and publish a directory of all the public art in San Mateo the full extent of which few people, if any, were aware. The survey and research lead to the publishing in 1997 of ART IN PUBLIC PLACES, A GUIDE AND LOCATION MAP, revised several years later, which lists 50 public sites where sculptures and murals may be found. Approximately 8,000 copies of the brochure have been distributed to the community since then.


  • Two Sculpture On Loan programs, co-sponsored with the Parks and Recreation Department have brought to the City sculptures for the enjoyment of the community for a period of about 18 months, resulting in the permanent acquisition of several of them. One, DANCERS, which graces the lawn in front of the Beresford Recreation Center was acquired for the City from the artist for $5000 through funds raised by City Arts over a ten month period from contributions of hundreds of residents. At a public ceremony in 2006 City Arts dedicated it to the memory of  the former Director of Parks and Recreation, Willard Shumard.


  • A proposal for a Per Cent For Arts funding program for acquisition of public art was brought by City Arts to the City Council which reviewed and studied it over a period of several years, finally adopting it in 2005. Subsequently, in 2008 the Civic Arts Committee was established with members, including a City Arts Board representative appointed by the City Council to implement the program.


  • The Summer Concert Series was conducted by City Arts for several years in various locations in the city, including Central Park. In 2002 at the request of the City’s Economic Development Manager City Arts partnered with the City and the Downtown Merchants Association to hold a series of concerts in Central Park on Thursday evenings during the summer; the partnership continued through 2008. City Arts helped raise funds from sponsors, selected performers, provided an announcer, and staffed an information/raffle table. The last City estimate of summer attendance was 8500. Downtown merchants reportedly have benefited economically from the series.


  • The tenth annual HIGH SCHOOL ARTS RECOGNITION program was held in the spring of 2010 with the participation of all three public high schools whose students submitted a total of 285 entries, in both visual and literary arts categories. Recognition with financial awards took place at the Main Library for the students, their parents and teachers with officiating by the Mayor, John Lee and Librarian, Ben Ocon. The library displayed the art during the month of April.


  • For several years City Arts participated in the Victorian Days in the Park sponsored by the San Mateo County Historical Museum; during those events City Arts supervised the painting of murals by children and adults attending the weekend event.


  • Dedication ceremonies were proposed and conducted by City Arts, in conjunction with the Library in the fall of 2006 for the two main permanent art works incorporated in the construction of the new library with the artists discussing their art. Two members of City Arts served on the library director’s art selection advisory committee during construction.


  • Two Board members were included in the review committee for the selection of new sculptures at Seal Point Park, presently being installed.


  • City Arts has participated with the Downtown Business Association in several instances including the annual Wine and Art event and the first Downtown Art Walk in April 2009 when Board members led an interpretative walk to the major works of public art in the downtown area. City Arts also helped staff an information table during the annual Shakespeare in the Park performances.


  • On two occasions City Arts sponsored, with the permission of the Bohannon organization a free interpretive lecture and walk among the Bufano sculptures at the Hillsdale Mall led by a local authority on the artist.


  • Members of the City Arts Board curated the art display for the City Hall Gallery over a period of several years until 2008.


  • City Arts has been concerned not only about the acquisition of, but also the retention of public art, entering into discussions with art owners about the permanence of their existing art, such as the College of San Mateo regarding the Lorenzato sculptures. Funds have been raised and provided for the current rebuilding and restoration of the bench sculpture, HEAR ME at Central Park.


  • National Poetry Month was celebrated by City Arts in April 2009 with a poetry reading at a downtown coffee shop with recitations by Kevin Hearle, PhD and readings by several community poets from the coffee shop audience; continuation of poetry reading evenings is under consideration.

  • City Arts was given the 2003 Peninsula Arts Council Diamond Award for the Outstanding Arts Organization. Other awards include the Crystal Eagle Achievement Award from the California Downtown Association and the Award of Merit from the California Association for Local Economic Development

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