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San Mateo Public Art

Kabuki by Richard O'Hanlon at 1611 Borel


Richard O'Hanlon

Located at 1611 Borel Pl. in an outdoor courtyard this four foot tall abstract bronze sculpture was created by Richard O’Hanlon in 1963. It stands on a two and a half foot high concrete pedestal over a bed of river stones. O’Hanlon, (1907 - 1985) taught sculpture at UC Berkeley from 1947 - 1974. He was commissioned to create the medal given with the Clark Kerr Award to those selected for making outstanding contributions to the advancement of higher education. He also created monumental granite sculptures with an astronomical theme placed on the UC Campus.


He traveled throughout the world studying sculpture as well as assisting Richard Stackpole and Diego Rivera in the 1930’s.

Pods (fountain) by Albert Guibara - 400


Al Guibara


A copper fountain sculpture created by local artist Al Guibara, it is located in front of the office building at 400 El Camino Real. The sculpture consists of approximately 75 pod shapes, each seventeen inches long with a patina surface and serrated edges joined by hollow tubes mounted in a triangular mass and supported on three metal poles. Rivulets of water trickle into a pool below. At night lights illuminate the seven foot high and ten feet long sculpture.
The artist has several other works of art placed in San Mateo.

Pods (fountain) by Albert Guibara - 400


Michele Alcantara


Situated on the lawn of the Beresford Recreation Center at 2720 Alameda las Pulgas this approximately 10 foot long steel composite sculpture with a dance theme was created by Michele Alcantara of Salinas and submitted for the Sculpture on Loan 2003 program   conducted by City Arts of San Mateo and the San Mateo City’s Parks and Recreation Department. It was selected as one of three sculptures to be displayed for a year.
After an initial commitment from the San Mateo Dance Association it was purchased for five thousand dollars through a  fund drive conducted by City Arts  eliciting contributions from a large number of community residents. At a public ceremony on October 22, 2005 it was dedicated to Willard Shumard, formerly a Director of the Parks and Recreation Department, and on that occasion it was given to the City of San Mateo.
Ms Alcantara has taught at San Jose University and  De Anza College; her works are featured in numerous private collections and at such sites as the City of Los Altos and Sierra College - Nevada County campus.

Untitled dog statue at Central Park 9th

Dog (Untitled)

Kohl Estate

Untitled, this two foot high cast iron sculpture of a walking dog is placed in Central Park on the pathway from the Palm Avenue entrance. Originally one of two dogs that stood at the entrance on El Camino Real, it was part of the Kohl Estate. It may date to the 1880’s and therefore be the oldest piece of public art in San Mateo. It is Italian made although the artist is unknown.

Conversation by Archie Held at SM Main L


Archie Held

This three piece water sculpture outside the Main Library was made of silicon bronze, featuring water dripping down the three horizontally striated columns finished with a brown patina, into a pool. The color is made from the same minerals that form the darker tones of the building. The artist envisioned it as representing small groups of people stopping outside the library to chat and share ideas.
The artist was selected for his ability to create large  works for public buildings in collaboration with designers and architects. He met with and shared ideas with the library art advisory committee to fashion this signature piece which has the potential of becoming an icon for the community.  At that time he had fashioned over 500 pieces of art, including works in Sacramento and a shopping mall in Marin County, many of them incorporating water. He operates a large multi- building studio with 14 artist assistants in North Richmond. The work was installed in July, 2006, a month prior to the opening of the new library. Purchase of the sculpture was financed as part of the library funds raised from local contributors through the Library Foundation, a bond issue, and a state of California library grant.



designed & fabricated by
Artist CJ Rench of CJR Design

Located at Gateway Park
Corner of E. 3rd Ave. & S. Humboldt St. 

For more public art pieces visit the link below!

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