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Carrie Govan Skelly

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Peninsula Ballet Theatre

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About Me

I seek to reveal form, mood and light in captured moments.  To achieve this I experiment primarily with color temperature and value contrasts.  I carefully crop my subjects in their settings so as to tell a story.  I often add bright colors and expressive brush strokes to give punch to the narrative.


I love people.  I love to study their eyes, the poses they strike and the interests that they pursue.  My years of yoga instruction and massage therapy contribute to my understanding of musculature and movement.  My four children and their friends have often been subjects in my art.  In my paintings you meet some determined kids actively climbing trees, jumping off docks, flying kites, riding bikes, entreating you with big eyes to come out and play.


In these last several years, I have painted outdoors on a weekly basis. I have had the privilege of recording seasonal changes in landscape colors, foliage, cloud patterns and new animal life.  Most recently I am observing and painting ocean waves.

Capturing the dance of light and color in a variety of forms and settings is an artistic delight and privilege to render. 

Carrie Govan Skelly


Born in Oakland, CA
Lives & works in San Mateo, CA

Some of my best early childhood memories involved painting on butcher paper covered easels using primary colors. Oakland's Studio One introduced me to printing and ceramics work.  As a teenager, I took watercolor courses at  the California College of  Arts in Oakland, CA.  At Harvard University I worked on multimedia sculpture as part of visual and environmental studies coursework.  Radcliffe's extension program provided me with acrylic painting experience that was later supplemented with design, life drawing, perspective drawing, printmaking, clay mask building, color theory, and oil painting classes at California community colleges: West Valley, Palomar, Foothill and College of San Mateo.  I met Fongwei Lui through open studios when he was teaching portrait painting at the Academy of Art in SF.  I received weekly drawing and painting classes from him at his Santa Clara studio for three years.  Currently I paint at Momo Zhou's Burlingame studio and participate in several weekly plein air groups. I take portrait and plein air classes at College of San Mateo from Noah Buchanan.

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